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David Monster is a Writer, Designer, and Filmmaker. He has been working in the Entertainment Industry as a Costume & Production Designer since the 1980ís, on projects such as Roseanne, In Living Color, Dazed and Confused, Madonna Tours, Paramore & H.I.M. Videos, as well as Independent Films: Heterosexual Jill (2013), Eat With Me (2014), and Michelle Ehlen's upcoming S&M Sally (2015), which he co-produced.

His first book, Service: A Love Story, received several 5 Star reviews, and the Web Series Pilot he wrote and directed called R.A.D.MEN, has won awards on the Film Festival Circuit. His second novel PARALLEL LINES was released Dec 1, 2014.

ROWDY ARMSTRONG - Wrestling's New Golden Boy was released in August of 2015, and has become one of Amazon's most successful dirty, filthy Pro Wrestling Novels.

A devoted fan of pop culture, he has spent 8 years researching and writing the most comprehensive resource available on Sex Symbols, called BOMBSHELL: The Blonde Phenomenon of the 20th Century, which will be published in 2016.



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