This in-depth coffee table book explores the Blonde Phenomenon and how Bombshells became a franchise.
More specifically, it is a categorized study of all the Blonde Bombshells of the 20th Century.

It begins in 1930 when Jean Harlow became the first true Blonde Bombshell, launching Hollywood’s Golden Age. It then progresses through Mae West, Betty Grable, Lana Turner and twenty other women, until Marilyn Monroe arrives on the scene and really detonates the Franchise. The search for the next great Blonde Sex Symbol takes us all the way to present day, with some beautiful stops along the way: Jayne Mansfield, Brigitte Bardot, Farrah Fawcett, Deborah Harry, Madonna, Jessica Lange, Michelle Pfeiffer, Bo Derek, Anna Nicole Smith, Pamela Anderson, and more than 100 other women. There are over 170 women covered in the book – all the successes and tragedies. Any woman who was ever thrown into the Sex Symbol arena is included. The worlds of Pin-up, Music, Movies, Fashion, and Scandal are inspected, with no stone unturned.

By laying these women out chronologically, broken down by decade, we not only see the history of Hollywood unfold, but the history of the entire world.

The book’s main feature is the collection of beautiful iconic photographs of each and every woman. There is also a mini bio for each lady, plus templates, timelines and graphs to essay the subject. The book ends in present day, featuring such women as Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Scarlet Johansen, and Britney Spears.

Beyond the Blondes, there are sections for Redheads, Brunettes, Bombshells in History (such as Cleopatra & Marie Antoinette), and even the biggest male sex-symbols. It’s fun, informative, and inspirational. In addition to being a beautiful picture book, it’s also a comprehensive textbook about Fame.

Other interesting features are: 1) “Commentary On The Era”, which begins each decade; 2) “Birth-To-Fame-In-30-Seconds-Or-Less”, which covers the pre-Bombshell life of the most famous entries, mentioning only the most interesting details; 3) “The Bombshell Timeline”, which will run across the bottom of each page. It features dates in Bombshell history, important world events, and milestones.

Thus, the women can be seen in their proper context.